After our look at Reddit earlier this week, the second installment of our guide to Social Media for business, will be focusing on Pinterest.
What is Pinterest?…  Basically, Pinterest is a photo-sharing site. Users manage their profiles by pinning interests / hobbies / products to theme-based  ‘boards’.
Who uses Pinterest?… Currently +20 million registered users. However, Pinterest has widely been considered a ‘place for teenage girls’. Not exclusively true, although it’s certainly popular among this demographic.
How is it good for business?… It’s great for sharing your most stunning visual content. If you’ve got a product that looks snazzy, you can whack it up on Pinterest. If you’ve already got fans/followers, it is a great way to keep them updated about new stuff. But if you’re just starting out, a Pin that goes viral can give your product the springboard it needs to be successful. It is also helpful for your website’s back links & SEO.
Any top tips?

  1. Always add a description to the photo you upload or ‘Repin’. Make it Pinteresting!
  2. Don’t over-promote your service or product (i.e. don’t get to the point of annoyance).
  3. Engage with others. ‘Repinning’ pictures that grab your attention shows that you’re active in the Pinterest community.
  4. Make your Pin boards a catalogue. Add a price to images of products and people who want to buy can be directed to your site. Think about interesting ways to demonstrate the product or service through photography.
  5. Add a Pinterest icon button to your blog & website images. Make it easy for fans to share what you post.

How has your experience with Pinterest been so far? Have we missed any important tips? Feel free to comment below and let us know!
Stay tuned for more social media untangling in the coming weeks, as we look at Google+, FourSquare, SlideShare… and more!