We’ve already looked at Reddit and Pinterest, so today we move on to Google+….
What is Google+?… According to Vic Gundotra (Google’s senior VP of social business), Google+ isn’t a separate social network, it is just an ‘upgrade to Google‘. Between you and me, it’s pretty much a social network. What they’re trying to do is make all their products socially compatible through Google+. You can share documents, host Webinars (hangouts), and much more…
Who uses Google+?… According to a recent study, nearly half the users are 18 – 24. More than 1/3 are students. In general, Google+ is more popular in the USA than in the UK – but this is changing gradually. Currently it stands at over 135 million ‘active’ members.
How is it good or business?… SEO, SEO, SEO!! Google index Google+ profiles quickly, so they’ll pick up your business if you’ve created a page. They want people to use Google+, so one of  Google’s incentives is to help improve search rankings. The +1 sharing feature (which you may have on your blog posts) shows Google that your content has been highly rated by Google+ users, so will also be likely to rank highly in the search results. On a different note, video ‘hangouts’ offer a great way to run Webinars, providing your customers or clients a great way to interact with you and your business.
Any top tips?

  1. Create a video conference via hangouts. Make the most of this free feature – and clients and customers will then be brought into your Google+ world. These hangouts can be private too, so if you want to have a video meeting with potential clients, it might be a good tool to use.
  2. Circles. These can be very useful, because they help you move your contacts into relevant groups. You can share content with only one specific circle, so if you have a product promotion for a certain group, you can target them specifically.
  3. Look out for Google+ Analytics integration. It should happen soon.
  4. In your G+ bio, use relevant keywords and search terms. These will, again, help your site’s SEO.
  5. Drag & Drop. You can easily drag & drop images and videos into your comment box. This allows a bit more freedom creativity in your posts.

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