Today we’re looking at a hugely popular site… SlideShare.
What is SlideShare?… The clue is in the name. Users share their slideshow presentations online by uploading them onto the site with the option of embedding them across the web. SlideShare can take PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote or OpenOffice presentations.
Who uses SlideShare?… Around 60 million unique visitors per month visit SlideShare, with a total of around 16 million registered users. It can be used by anybody and everybody who wants to share information or ideas through a slideshow – from language teachers to bakers. With an estimated 3 billion slide views per month, SlideShare is in the top 150 websites on the planet.
How is it good for business?… Quite simply, it is a great way to share your content. No matter what the nature of your business, if you’ve got some interesting stats, facts or opinions, a slideshow is often the best and simplest media to portray them with! You can provide customers or clients with information about your company and display thought leadership. In terms of SEO, your entire slideshow is indexed and will appear in the results, hopefully achieving good exposure.
Any top tips?…

  1. Short slideshows. Quality over quantity is the motto here. People like bitesize pieces of info, so make your slideshow punchy and share-able… leave viewers wanting more!
  2. Include a call to action on your slides. Don’t miss the opportunity to provide contact details for your business because if people like your content, they might be interested in talking to you.
  3. Integrate SlideShare into other social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn. This adds a bit of visual depth to your profiles and will encourage further sharing.
  4. Webinars. You can add mp3 to your slides using the ‘Slidecast’ feature, creating your own Webinar presentation.
  5. Go Pro. If you can afford the £19 per month, going pro offers a lot more benefits such as analytics, meetings, lead capture and presentation ‘tracking’.

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Have you used SlideShare for your business? Have we missed any top tips out? Feel free to leave us a comment below and don’t forget to register to stay updated.

And here’s our SlideShare about SlideShare!…