Here’s our 6th Episode of Social Media Untangled, and this time we’re looking at StumbleUpon.
What is StumbleUpon?… Looking for interesting stuff on the web? Ever wondered where to start? StumbleUpon is a great place to begin. You might think Google does that job, but StumbleUpon label themselves as a ‘discovery engine’ rather than a search engine. Jeff Bullas describes it as a “bookmarking site that allows users ‘like’ websites and add it to their profile”. Websites and stumbled pages are divided by categories which each user can search.
Who uses StumbleUpon?… Currently with over 25 million registered users, StumbleUpon actually has a reputation for not having an easily identifiable core audience. With the web always expanding, precise content discovery
How is it good for business?… StumbleUpon gets your content out there. Having a Stumble icon on your content gives it a much better chance of going viral. If one person thinks it is interesting or funny and shares it, it has  a good chance of spreading through the StumbleUpon community and through the other social media it integrates with. You’ve also got the option of paying them a direct fee to feature your site in the categories, but this is obviously an extra commitment.
Any top tips?…

  1. Go stumbling. Stumble around. Get stumbled. It’s all about getting involved. You’ll be rated highly in the community if you actively engage and share other people’s content too, and you’ll get caught out if you only stumble your own content.
  2. Track & test. Make sure you know what content gets you the best reaction, and which gets little attention. Focus on the areas that give you maximum exposure.
  3. Add a StumbleUpon badge to all your content. As always, make it easy to share.
  4. Titles and descriptions are important. Make the effort to entice people to view your stumbles – a good title and description goes a long way to attracting readers.
  5. Install the StumbleUpon toolbar. This is essential to using StumbleUpon properly, and without using it properly you won’t get the most out of it!

How have you used StumbleUpon for your business? Feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know if we’ve missed anything. Check out our other articles on Reddit, Pinterest, Google Plus, Foursquare, and SlideShare to help you untangle the complexities of social media for business.
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