In this Social Media Untangled, we’re looking at a slightly different tool, Microsoft-owned service Yammer
What is Yammer?… Yammer is the leading ‘enterprise social network’. Rather than being an open, public-facing service – it is designed for private communication between members of a specific organisation that implements Yammer internally. Basically, it brings some of the benefits of everyone’s favourite social networks into the workplace to encourage communication and collaboration.
Who uses Yammer?… Microsoft invested $1.2 billion in buying Yammer in 2012, so they certainly hope lots of people will be using it. In fact, it turned over a reported $60 million in revenue last year – not too shabby. By its very nature, Yammer is used exclusively by business users. Over  7 million of them, in fact.
How can it work for business?… Yammer is slightly different to the other social media sites previously featured in this series in that it is designed specifically for business. So you’d hope it would indeed have some business benefits!! Collaboration is the key here – which is why it is touted for full integration with other Microsoft products such as SharePoint. According to the Yammer team; ‘collaboration is the key to driving innovation’. Yammer also helps keep employees ‘engaged’ in the business and with the teams around them.
Any Top Tips?

  1. Start small. If you’re in charge of a business looking to use Yammer, open it up to only a few key employees initially. This way, you can see what works and what doesn’t, and prepare for having more of your staff and colleagues engaged in the future.
  2. Write a good profile description. Introduce yourself and make it easy for someone in your network to connect with you on your level.
  3. Be careful! Business can sometimes become heated. Before posting in anger, have a good think about whether its the best thing to do, as it will forever be on record. Remember it is a business environment, despite looking like many informal social networks.
  4. Actively search out individuals that you already know. This will give you a good basis from which to make new connections.
  5. Use Yammer for testing out ideas. Put an idea out there, and let the people in your organisation vote and comment. You’ll hopefully receive some well-articulated opinions.

Microsoft’s Yammer is spearheading their new focus on ‘social’, and it is just beginning to have its impact. Its integration with other Microsoft products is extremely helpful to business owners who want their employees to be more engaged and more collaborative.
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