Today, we’re looking at Twitter’s mobile app, Vine
What is Vine?… Vine is a mobile app created by the guys at Twitter. It enables the user to create and edit video clips from their smartphone. These clips are a maximum of 6 seconds long, and can be made up of any number of millisecond clips. These videos can then be easily shared across social media sites.
Who uses Vine?… Ranked in the top ten social apps for iPhone, Vine is an incredibly popular tool. Exact statistics are hard to come by in terms of demographics, but at the moment it is only available for iOS.
How is it good for business?… Vine has become one of the hottest topics among marketers recently, as new ways of creating and sharing visual content are always exciting opportunities. There are so many ways Vine can be used for business. For some of the best and most entertaining examples, see here. Vine can be used to showcase your company and the team you work in, it can be used to demonstrate and/or promote products, and it can be used as a customer service tool.
Any top tips?

  1. Relax about the quality. Vine’s videos are good quality, but they’re not the sort of ‘formal’ quality you get from a video camera on a tripod. ‘Humanising’ your brand can have amazing effects, so let that personality shine through.
  2. Make use of audio. The default setting is for the audio to be muted, but in turning it on you can create some great audio material to go with the visuals.
  3. Introduce your company. What do you do? Who’s in your team? What are your offices like?
  4. Snippets build hype. If you’ve got a new product or you’re running an event, video snippets of some behind-the-scenes action to build curiosity among your followers. Do a bit of ‘mystery marketing’.
  5. At the moment, think of it as a cool addition to your strategy rather than ‘the one to use’. The fact it’s only available on iOS plus it’s lack of integration with Facebook limits sharing capabilities. Use it, but don’t rely on it.

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