Publicity by Ribbonfish is the complete tool for managing all your publicity activities. Thankfully, getting all your users up, running and using Publicity by Ribbonfish is a cinch. In this article, we are going to show you the basics of setting up and managing a list.

Contacts at the ready! 

Firstly, make sure your contacts are correctly set up and ready to use in your publicity lists. At the simplest level, there are two main aspects to this. First, you need to ensure your contacts are marked as active in publicity in order to be used in a list. You can do this by checking the checkbox against the contact record.

As well as being active, your contacts will also need tags. The tags are used when creating a list to search for specific contacts based on certain attributes (tags). The tags can be easily added on the tag component.

In the example above, the contact has been tagged with ‘Travel,’ ‘Technology (TECH)’ and ‘Australia (AU).’ When users create their publicity lists and, for example, are looking for contacts interested in technology in Australia, then this contact will appear amongst the search results.  

Lists? Check. 

Okay, so the contacts are setup and ready to be added to any future publicity lists. The next thing to do is to make a list!  

The lists are easily managed, accessed and interacted with via the ‘Lists’ tab on the Publicity App.

Creating a new list is simple too. Simply press the ‘New’ button.  

Then fill in the details of your list, including the list name, the list code (short name for the list – e.g. useful in reporting), the start and end date for the list and the type of list.  

Now that your list has been created, you can start adding contacts to the list by using the ‘Filter Candidate’ component. For example, I can search for contacts that must include the ‘Australia’ and ‘Technology’ tags. You can apply multiple filter criteria across any of the available filter options.  

If you need to instantly view the basic details of any contacts found in your search results, you can press the eye icon next to the contact’s name and then view the details component (very handy for refreshing your memory when needed!).  

Then, to add the contact to the publicity list, depending on what you plan to send the contact, click on the relevant icon at the top of the candidate list section (e.g. Book) and then press the add contact icon next to the contact.  

For example, I can select ‘Kevin’ and click on the ‘Book’ icon to signify that Kevin should be sent a copy of the ‘Traveling in Europe 2022’ book. You can also easily use a bulk add option to do this on mass with multiple contacts.  

This will put the contact into the ‘Current List’ section.

The current list section shows all contacts in the list and what you are planning to send to them as part of the publicity list.  

Then, simply repeat the above process until you have refined and readied your list for the publicity campaign!  

Ready for Dispatch

Once your list has been set up and defined, you can send it to the warehouse (or post room!) for dispatch.  

Publicity by Ribbonfish allows you to do this in a variety of ways, for example, there is an option to email the list. Alternatively, you can export the list or, if the warehouse / post room have access to Salesforce, you can even share the list via a link to a report or the list itself.  

There is so much more! 

That’s not all! What we showed above was the bare basics of Publicity by Ribbonfish, but there is so much more!  

For example, you can manage and maintain your codes and tags for users, or you can allow the tracking of reviews to see what (and if!) your contacts are doing anything with the material you send them.  

We offer a fully comprehensive training package as part of any Publicity by Ribbonfish implementation, to ensure you don’t miss a beat! 

Where can I see more? 

At Ribbonfish, we have decades worth of experience in publishing and IT, and we have used this knowledge to create the #1 Publicity app, Publicity by Ribbonfish.  

Publicity by Ribbonfish is the complete tool for managing all your publicity activities. 

If you want to see more, you can always contact us for a free, no-obligation demo. We would love to show you what else Publicity by Ribbonfish can do! Contact us via email, or arrange a call back from us via the form here.

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