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Publishing is among the world’s most exciting, rapidly changing industries, thanks largely to the transformative influence of digital technology. Readers are now just as likely to download the latest bestseller to their e-readers as they are to buy hard copies. Moreover, many of today’s printed books are accompanied by extra, online content.
Technological advances are revolutionising not only the relationship between readers and texts but also publishers’ business models.
Fortunately, there are several well-informed blogs devoted to helping industry professionals stay abreast of developments.

1. GalleyCat

As a blog from AdWeek, the leading news source for professionals in the media and related fields, GalleyCat has a prestigious pedigree. It calls itself ‘the first word on the book publishing industry’ and takes pride in discovering individuals, trends and books set to shape the industry’s future.
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2. The Bookseller

For more than 150 years, The Bookseller has been the go-to source for news and analysis about the book trade. Its website is the most visited site of its kind in the UK.
As The Bookseller’s blogs are authored by both editorial staff and guest writers, they feature a variety of voices and explore all aspects of book publishing. Industry professionals will surely want to pay close attention to the blogs’ views about branding, print versus digital media, literary prizes and other topics.
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3. Digital Book World

As the organiser of a major, annual conference about consumer publishing in the digital age, Digital Book World is one of the industry’s leading lights. That makes the blog essential reading.
The blog enables experts from across the industry to share their insights into digital technology. Articles tackle such weighty subjects as e-learning’s effectiveness, data management and the social media revolution in an engaging, opinion-led style.
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4. Soapbox

Often called ‘the bible of the book business’, Publisher’s Weekly is hugely respected in the publishing arena. Its Soapbox blog provides a platform for industry professionals to discuss pressing issues.
Many articles focus on digital technology; they examine its challenges (such as protecting authors’ copyright online) while also celebrating its advantages (ease of collaboration, etc.).
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5. The Shatzkin Files

With almost fifty years’ experience of publishing, Mike Shatzkin is truly an industry insider and well respected for his insights into the digital revolution. He pens The Shatzkin Files for the website of his consulting firm, The Idea Logical Company.
Whether the blog is discussing disruptive business models, book-branded merchandise or online retail, its tremendous level of detail is hard to beat.
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6. Huffington Post’s Publishing Industry Hub

Major online newspaper The Huffington Post has a breathtaking collection of blog posts and news articles on its publishing industry hub. The hub covers everything from why publishers should be data-driven to new services for freelance writers.
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7. Jane Friedman’s Blog

As a digital media strategy expert and speaker at key industry events, Jane Friedman is a respected voice in publishing. Her blog is a treasure trove of help and advice for authors. It also gets to the heart of industry issues. For instance, a recent article gave an eloquent response to the question, ‘Traditional Publishing: What’s It Good For?’
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8. Publishing Talk

Publishing Talk is an invaluable resource for publishing professionals who want to increase their understanding of how technological developments such as digital publishing, social media and crowdfunding platforms are influencing the industry.
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9. Rachelle Gardner’s Blog

The blog run by Rachelle Gardner, a literary agent and editor, is an inspiring read for anyone with an interest in publishing, but especially new authors. Gardner helps her readers to navigate the industry (and avoid its common pitfalls), with articles about pitching ideas, hiring freelance editors, book marketing and much more.
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10. Publishing Trends

Book publishing professionals can rely on Publishing Trends to supply them with a wealth of information about market forces, technological developments, industry movers-and-shakers, etc. Moreover, every week Publishing Trends supplements its own content with a helpful overview of key articles and blog posts from other sites.
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