Publishing Technology People on Twitter

Keeping up with rapid technological change in the publishing industry can be a tough – though necessary! – task. The best way to stay informed is to seek out those in tune with the latest developments, and Twitter is one of the best places to do that. Here are ten of the finest publishing technology experts who are active on the platform.

1. Kate Wilson

Now the founder and managing director of Nosy Crow, Kate Wilson has already clocked up twenty-five years of publishing experience. She’s held senior management roles at Macmillan Children’s Books and Scholastic UK and, in 2014, she was named Most Inspiring Digital Publishing Person at the FutureBook Innovation Awards. If you want to be inspired by her, find her at @NosyCrow.

2. Henry Volans

Volans works for Faber & Faber, and he believes that digital and publishing strategies should be considered one and the same. He’s currently heading up the company’s Faber Press imprint and is tasked with finding new ways to reach readers in a world where everything is available – but only if you know you’re looking for it. If you want to be first to know how he’s going about it, follow his thoughts at @HenryVolans.

3. Ron Matejko

Ron Matejko is the president of MVP Media, an Arizona-based digital publishing company. He’s been in the industry for sixteen years, building up a reputation for technical innovation. His company launched the first interactive sports magazine, and it continues to produce all of its publications in dynamic formats. Follow Ron and MVP on the official Twitter handle of @MVP_Media.

4. Dan Franklin

Dan is the former digital editor at Canongate, where he led the industry into the 21st century by being one of the first people to show the potential of the iPhone app. He became Digital Editor for Random House in 2010 and remains at the forefront of developing publishing into new media. If you want to know what’s on his mind at the moment, give him a follow at @DigitalDanSolo.

5. Anna Rafferty

Anna Rafferty was formerly the Managing Director of Penguin Digital, but she now works for BBC Worldwide. She’s got a long track record in digital technology for publishing and media, with further stints at Pottermore and at her own consultancy. Right now, she’s overseeing digital innovation on a worldwide scale for the BBC and tweeting as @Raffers.

6. Mike Shatzkin

Mike Shatzkin has been in the game for almost half a century as an author, editor, production manager and sales director. These days, his company – The Idea Logical – consults on strategic planning for publishers, and as a founder and partner he’s a great advocate for moving the industry forward into the digital era. He tweets from @MikeShatzkin.

7. Katie Linendoll

Katie Linendoll is a well-known US TV host and journalist who focuses on technology. She’s been a regular contributor to a range of US TV networks including CBS and CNN and received an Emmy for her work at ESPN’s Sportscenter. Katie is also a former resident tech expert at HSN, and she keeps herself busy with public speaking engagements and industry commentary across a wide range of media-related technology topics. Follow her at @KatieLinendoll.

8. George Walkley

As Head of Digital at Hachette UK, George Walkley is another technological evangelist. He’s well aware of how far behind some of the publishing world remains, but he’s determined to push for a more modern approach across the board. If you’d like to follow his thoughts on technology, publishing and more, you can follow him at @Walkley.

9. BBC Click

For those of us who are UK based, we’re still inclined to look to the BBC for information on almost everything. The Beeb’s Click remains a great vehicle for exploring technological innovation in many fields, and its presenters – @Spenley and @KateRussell – are perfect people to follow for the latest developments and inspiration.

10. Valentina Kalk

We saw Valentina on a panel at this year’s London Book Fair, and we were impressed by her sharp-eyed insights on the industry. As director of the Brookings Institution Press, Valentina uses her Twitter account to further the institution’s commitment to original and innovative thought in foreign policy, American politics and current affairs. Catch this – and her publishing industry insights – at @ValeKalk.
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