LinkedIn Groups For Publishers

LinkedIn is sometimes perceived as a stale place, full of jobseekers and self-publicists craving attention. It’s rarely seen as a site to stimulate the creative mindset, but if you know where to look there are plenty of valuable resources for those involved in writing and publishing.
The obvious place to start is LinkedIn Groups. They work in the same way as groups on other platforms, but as LinkedIn is a professional site, they tend to be less forthright and confrontational than Facebook groups.
Here are twelve of the best for getting the information you need, without boring your socks off.

1. STM Publishing Group

This group currently has over 10,000 members and offers a community for scientific, technical and medical publishing professionals. Membership is restricted to those in the relevant sectors, so if that’s not your field then you won’t get in. Discussions largely focus on industry trends, products and news.

2. Folio: MediaPros – Magazine & Online Publishing Professionals

This is a group for professionals in the magazine and e-media publishing industries. With over 20,000 members, it covers creation, sales, marketing, editorial content and delivery of literature via print and the web.

3. EBooks, eBook Readers, Digital Books and Digital Content Publishing

Another big group with over 90,000 members, this group focuses on the latest digital publishing news for book professionals. It’s the place to be if you’re trying to improve your marketing strategy and overall business model, as well as to connect with others in the electronic publishing field.

4. Textbook Publishing Professionals

With less than 10,000 members, this is one of the middle-ranked groups, but it does have a specialist focus. Here, you’ll meet publishers, editors and academics who are willing to share and discuss news and trends, as well as to discuss the development of business opportunities worldwide.

5. Booksconnect

Booksconnect is a networking platform for anyone in the bookselling and publishing community. It has articles and discussions to stimulate creativity and offers a lively forum for connecting with everyone from translators to agents and marketers.

6. Writers International

There’s a whole world of writers out there, and this is the group that will help you to connect with them. Writers and literary enthusiasts from across the globe come here to share writing tips, discussions and professional resources.

7. The Writers Network

This group welcomes both established and aspiring writers, as well as those who are engaged in the publishing business. It’s a group that clamps down firmly on links and promotional posts, so you can get down to the serious business without sifting through endless junk.

8. The Freelance Writers’ Connection

This is a group that offers support and networking opportunities to freelance writers, as well as a friendly forum to share experiences and improve creativity while building positive relationships. This is the place to find out everything you need to know about contemporary freelancing.

9. LinkEds & Writers

This is one of the larger groups for book industry professionals to share information, tips and strategies. It’s another spam-free group that frowns on self-promotion, which makes it a great place for working writers, editors, translators and proofreaders to share their views.

10. The London Book Fair

The fair itself takes place every April at Earls Court, but its LinkedIn group works all year round as a platform for discussing issues affecting the global publishing industry. With almost 7,000 members, it’s a vibrant place to meet and share views and to make new connections.

11. Book Marketing

This group does exactly what its name suggests. Let’s face it – most authors focus on writing, and they don’t necessarily think about marketing. The Book Marketing group is the perfect place for them to go to get advice on anything from social media strategy to presentation.

12. Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives is a trade journal for the international publishing industry. Naturally, its associated LinkedIn group is frequented by the same people. The group hosts lively discussions about the global book market and digital innovations, with its membership comprising of publishing professionals from across the world.
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