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The internet is a sea of words, opinions and chatter. Some of it is good and some not so much. It can be tough to wade through the endless amounts of resources available to find a hidden gem. When you do manage to stumble across an informative, well-written and well-researched Salesforce blog, it can help both your business and your self-development.
Whether you’re coming at it from an admin, developer or marketing angle, there’s something for everyone out there. Some bloggers have dedicated websites while others simply guest post on established ones.
Here’s a list of helpful Salesforce blogs, with some great content and advice.

Admin Hero

Administrators love this career enhancing blog by Brent Downey. Not only does it help you develop your skill set, but it also offers guides and all-important tutorials for Salesforce. This blog is easy to navigate and promises to take you from ‘zero to hero’ in your admin journey.
Check out Admin Hero here

Jenny’s Admin Tips

Jenny Bamber offers up a weekly dose of Salesforce tips direct from her blog. Helpful advice ranging from admin essentials for experienced users, to advice on how to become certified at Dreamforce. The blog is part of the website which hosts various other useful content.
Check out Jenny’s Admin Tips here

Melissa Van Dyke

Melissa explores her expertise in the Salesforce admin world in a relatable and conversational manner. Her words of wisdom are compacted into helpful posts, podcasts and even an admin academy. There’s also free downloadable content available and links to watch her video presentations.
Check out Melissa’s blog here

Woman Code Heroes

Specifically directed at women who want to learn code, this blog has been making a big splash. It’s a hot destination for those who need an introduction to developing while making sure to get the reader on their feet quickly. Kieren Jameson started up this blog when she identified the misrepresentation of women in the world of coding and found it can be difficult for women to launch a successful career in this area.
Visit Woman Code Heroes here

I Write Crappy Code

A catchy and sarcastic title for this blog written by Daniel Llewellyn. This an ideal read for those with an advanced skill set in developing, who want to advance even further. It’s full of hints and tips, as well as tricks and sample codes.
Check out I Write Crappy Code here

Andy in the Cloud

This is a dream find for developers due to its enormous amount of content. Andy is a Salesforce MVP and CTO at His blog offers quality entries and variation. It’s been praised by many as being one of the best blogs for developers on the net.
Check out Andy in the Cloud here

Pardot Blogger Girl

Representing Pardot and marketing automation is Alex Coffey and her aptly named blog, Pardot Blogger Girl. It has excellent advice for people who are just starting out in this sector or for those who have been at it for a while. She also has guest bloggers, such as the Salesforce Guru, Taylor Grimes.
Check out Pardot Blogger Girl here

Exact Target

It would be crazy to overlook the blogs and resources available on company websites. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Blog is full of actionable content. Excellently compiled lists, research summaries, opinion pieces, as well as advice on growth and advancement.
Check out the Exact Target blog here


This well-written and in-depth blog was created by Abhinav Gupta, a Salesforce developer, architect and founder of Concretio Apps. He was the first person from India to become Salesforce MVP, and has renewed this title for the last five years in a row. He is also the author of the internationally selling book, “ Tips and Tricks.”
Check out here

Paul Battison

If you prefer learning by watching videos, Paul Battison’s blog is definitely something you should follow. An experienced Technical architect and a MVP, Paul has created over 30 videos on different Salesforce topics.
Check out Paul’s blog here

The Silver Lining

Wes Nolte, a Salesforce certified technical architect, writes this entertaining and articulate blog. He was previously Chief Technology Officer of Europe’s largest Salesforce consultancy. Apart from sharing his expertise on his blog, he is a public speaker at industry events in the UK and US, and a published author Salesforce Handbook.
Check out The Silver Lining here

Salesforce Ben

Ben McCarthy is a Salesforce Jack of all trades, being a Certified Salesforce Administrator, Developer and Sales Cloud Consultant. He currently works for Europe’s fastest growing Salesforce consultancy. His blog is a handy reference for admins wanting to learn about all things Salesforce. And if you’re interested to keep up with Salesforce related news, Ben posts a news roundup every week.
Check out Ben’s blog here
You’re sure to find some helpful words and direction on the above blogs, and this only scratches the surface of the content available to you. For more information about how we experience Salesforce, and our insights on enterprise technology and CRM, sign up to our newsletter below.
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