The History of Salesforce – An Infographic

Check out this infographic we’ve put together detailing a few key moments in the timeline of Salesforce, starting from when the company was founded in 1999. Since then Salesforce has grown rapidly, in 2002 the company had 3,500 customers which has now expanded into the millions! The number of products and acquisitions has also grown, with key acquisitions such as:

  • BuddyMedia – a social media marketing platform which enables users to connect with customers on networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Jigsaw – allows users to receive  real-time updates on contacts and company data through Chatter
  • Heroku – enables users to develop apps faster, without the complexity of designing your app for the web
  • Radian6 – a social listening tool which allows you to track, monitor and react to comments on social media

Whilst innovating the world of cloud computing, Salesforce has picked up a number of awards along the way from being awarded as the most ‘Innovation Premium’ Company by Forbes to being selected as number if 7 in the best companies to work for!

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