October 2016

Here’s our publishing news roundup for October 2016.
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Bloomsbury’s Casimir is new Maths publisher’s head

Martin Casimir, who has worked for Bloomsbury for six years, left the company to become UK-based Singapore maths publisher’s managing director for Maths – No Problem!.
He said: “I’m here to take Maths – No Problem! to the next stage. I have form as a ‘disrupter’. Some of the biggest players have followed us into the maths mastery market, but we’re the first and passionately believe we are the best and look forward to the competition.”
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Google’s E-Book Discover fails to create major breakthrough

This piece by Joe Wikert talks about how Google experimented with a new feature by adding Discover to their e-book reader app, but failed to use their brawn and data to achieve a dramatic advancement on the book discovery front.
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Publishers Weekly’s Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2016

Need to find new books to read or draw inspiration from? PW editors have picked the most noteworthy books publishing in Fall this year, all of which are drawn from over 40,000 titles in PW’s Fall Announcements issue.
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Authors Need to Stop Doing These on Social Media

Authors these days are using social media in the hopes of creating an online presence, promoting content, and building a huge following. However, since only a few are well versed on social media best practices, they end up turning readers off more than attracting them. In this post, Dana Kaye lists 10 things authors need to stop doing on social media.
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Amazon Prime members now entitled to “borrow” top magazine issues

Prime Reading, Amazon’s newly added feature, gives Prime Members access to a selection of top magazine issues every month without any additional charges. Currently, there are 42 magazine issues included in the program, with well-known names like Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Consumer Reports. Every month, Amazon chooses a selection of magazine issues Prime members can borrow. Users can download up to 10 titles at once.
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Bodo Kirchhoff’s ‘Encounter’ wins the German Book Prize 2016

Earlier this year, the jury (led by Christoph Schröder), chose six shortlisted novels from 156 titles handed in by German, Austrian and Swiss publishers. On October 17, Bodo Kirchhoff and his novel Encounter were chosen as the winner of the 2016 German Book Prize.
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The UK’s International Literature Showcase Launches New Digital Platform

“With a terrific program of support in place, including a new digital platform that all literature professionals can benefit from, we are eager to begin our work in showcasing the best of literary Britain to the world,” said Chris Gribble, head of Writers’ Centre Norwich, in a prepared statement.
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Popular Literature Leads Russian Publishing Market

Rospechat, the federal agency for press and mass communications, published its annual report on the state of the Russian publishing market. The report reveals that while Russian bestseller lists have been led by detective stories in recent years, both highbrow literature and nonfiction have also been making their presence known. The Russian Book Chamber has also released its rating of the most popular authors, with Darya Donstova at the top of the list, followed by crime fiction writers Tatyana Ustinova and Tatyana Polkykova in second and third, respectively.
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The Increase in Complexity and Importance of Metadata

Rick Beardsley talks about how the advent of e-products, online retailers, and the explosive growth of Web business contribute to the exponential growth of metadata, both in complexity and importance. Metadata, if not right, puts publishers at risk of losing time, money, and customers. It is far too important to slip under the radar.
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Flipboard Unveils New Product to Make Advertisers’ Stories More Engaging

Flipboard’s new offering, Storyboard, enables brands to make the stories they share more interesting by putting together formats such as video, articles, images, gifs and sound. The company has introduced a new gesture to its global user base of 90-million, as swiping left or right will now engage them with Storyboard ads. “Storyboard will enable brands to tell a story on a mobile device with their best assets,” said Mike McCue, cofounder and CEO of Flipboard.
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