My name’s Stream Conyer and I am the new, super cool apprentice at RibbonFish.
Firstly, let me start by explaining my name because since starting work here every single person has asked: ‘Why Stream?’… Well, my Dad wanted a name that couldn’t be shortened and my Mum had a completely healthy obsession with the actor River Phoenix, but of course ‘River’ was just too mainstream (Haha, see what I did there?).
How did I get here?
I found out about a training course with Biz Academy through Jump programmes – an apprenticeship provider company – the course was over 4 weeks in which I studied the Admin 201 for Salesforce. At the end of the four weeks we were put into groups and (most certainly not forced) to give a presentation at the Salesforce Tower in Liverpool street.
(Not even going to comment on the amount of delicious and FREE food there was at the Salesforce Tower or how many Innocent apple juices I went home with. P.s. their chocolate biscuits and fresh coffee was just amazing…)
Javaun (my presentation partner) & I won the award for best presentation and I seemed to have won over David and Rosie in the ‘speed interviews’. I had an interview with them the following Wednesday and after constant nagging to join RibbonFish, I finally said yes, haha.
My Role and Future at RibbonFish:
Currently, I am an apprentice software developer and I really want to further my knowledge and understanding for developing Salesforce. I have always really enjoyed programming as I have some experience in Visual Basic but I haven’t had the opportunities to really push my knowledge. I feel like I have reached my dream job because of the relaxed atmosphere and combining my Salesforce training of admin 201 knowledge with something that I’ve always wanted to do, code!
Oh yeah… Im also a photographer.