Aaaaand there it was, just as it was anticipated, the inaugural RF trials was a huge success with all who managed to get to the showpiece event that had the RF all stars pitching their best innovations to a panel of dragons.   A recap for those who were not lucky enough to get a ticket or for you wacky folk who just want to see a replay:  
  • The venue was booked for high noon (well it was actually 1pm but high noon sounds more dramatic #epic).  As the ‘school’ of (Ribbon)Fishes made their way to the venue. It was an early ‘school boy error’ by a few of the Salesforce guys that delayed the start. Apparently the direction ‘next to platform 9& ¾’  is not in the Dev401 exam: David thought it was an early banana skin to avoid so they avoided following the directions given and wandered around hoping to stumble across the real venue.  Alas ‘next to platform 9& ¾, was a simple instruction for everyone else and they were all waiting at the start line listening to DJ Marc Defosse’s theme song.
  • DJ Marc Defosse, or ‘Our Glorious Leader’ as some might know him as, held up the checked flag and proceeded to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the nation.  This included the good the bad and the ugly of our achievements in the past year, and fortunately to say, the good achievements reverberated louder than the not so goods.  The Glorious Leader touched on some of the exciting plans for the coming year.    After a quick round of intros, the checkered flag was down and they were off.
  • I could tell you a joke about a Geordie and a Corsican in a room at the back of a bar but wait, this was no joking matter because they started very strongly with thoughts on process improvements, promoting even more talent acquisitions and continuing to keep the best of the talent…OMG these guys sounded like they came here to win and winning were their ideas.  I mean Sylvain brought us the endless possibilities of virtual reality in practice, the crowd (particularly The Brossard JBB) were inspired and quickly started rewriting their own plans.  Next up to show they had their eye on the prize was our very own Penelope Jane Bilton; who apparently directs very creative short movies on her days off from wrestling all the Level 3 support gremlins.  The shear notion that we do not have to live or work in a world of plain white walls might have sounded insane but Jane’s presentation was perfectly executed and I for one am a convert that there is more…more than white walls. Thank you Jane.
  • Then came the infamous duo Roseanne ‘Rosie’ Adds and that guy David ‘[Symbol]s’ to tell everyone how they came up with a million dollar package when it comes to couriers. They also gave an overview of some recent projects and initiatives they have been working on. Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all, the power that is Paula stepped up and spent a few words on the communication strategy and reminding people that an e-mail shouldn’t always be your first port of call.  Paula was good, o very good and as the crowd clapped Saqib pulled up onto the main stage.  No keynotes, no hype, just straight talk, Saqib shared great vision about skills transfer as well as promoting flexible working.  This event was now a mix of fantasticness and innovation and you might have needed a break…well you would not have been the only one because there was indeed a break.
  • Now the dye was cast and before too long the break was over and Paul ‘the wiley cat’ Bryson was converting us into serial Hotdeskers because we do not need to re-invent wheels, but rather Mr B reminded us to be 1% better each time round and that was all the ‘young spunks’, Paul ‘Kingy’ King, Tristan Hudson (&the spirit of Chris T), needed to raise the bar.  They certainly didn’t fail us or CYMRU with their cunning plan to use the power of the Salesforce to help you stay green. So there we have it, a full round up of the daring bunch brave enough to share a dream.
  • But wait a minute, there was one other, not just another, but none other than the JBB.  [place French-Irish accent here] And then he was done because he was educating us about Flash Projects.  So if you are thinking about Salesforce or your business is already powered by the, and you want a sure way of seeing results without all the typical consultant jousting, call us.  At Ribbonfish we listen and we get it done.

We await the count but for now I say ‘team spirit’ was the true winner.  Until next time guys, well done, go forth and do that stuff that you do so well.