In this week’s post, we’ll be exploring Salesforce Chatter. Salesforce Chatter is a feature that we have seen and enjoyed a lot of success with when used successfully.  

What is Chatter?  

If you are new to Salesforce, your first thought at the question pondered above may be something like, ‘Chatter? What is Chatter?’.

Chatter is a real-time collaboration application that lets your users work together, talk to each other, and share information. Chatter seeks to engage, connect, and motivate your users across your Salesforce organisation. In some ways, you can think of Chatter as a social media platform for business! 

Why will it benefit me?

Although there are many benefits to using Chatter, we have listed five key reasons below why Chatter might be just what you are looking for to provide the next evolution in your Salesforce implementation.

Cut down on emails

Do you ever find yourself receiving countless emails about the same topic with different threads and different recipients scattered across different versions and chains?  

This is one perfect use case whereby Chatter can save you a lot of time and hassle. You can transition your conversation to a Chatter post and then users can reply in the same thread, all in one place.

You can even mention other users who you want to contribute to the thread and they will get an alert to notify them of the mention. 

Keeping things organised in this way will save users a lot of time and help them avoid the hassle finding old emails and hunting through them for the latest information.

You also can organise the posts in a variety of ways to make finding them again easy and intuitive. For example, if the post concerned a specific book, you could collaborate on the specific book record.

Alternatively, you could use a topic to store and group certain types of posts together. Topics make it easier for users to find information about meaningful things in the future.  

Build knowledge 

Can you remember a time when someone described a process to you that you thought you would never ever use and now, beyond your expectations, you must put that process into practice?  

Well, imagine that person described the process on Chatter, and others were doing the same. This will help you to start to build up an entire knowledge base of company information that all team members can tap into!

Did we mention that Chatter is also searchable? Users can search Chatter easily from the global search. This makes finding the relevant information a cinch.

For even better searching and categorisation, you can also use topics and tags to organise posts with common themes.  

Group up 

When you are working together with a team, you always need somewhere to collaborate. This is where the Chatter group feature comes in.  

Chatter groups allow you to create collaborative spaces to do things such as sharing files, providing information, and discussing records. You can even view the engagement of your groups, for instance, trends relating to the number of members and posts. 

Groups come in a variety of different flavours to meet the business needs. For example, you can have public groups and private groups, and you can customise the group’s name and image. 

There are even broadcast-only groups for sharing important announcements to those who need to be in the know.

Follow records and create custom streams

Keeping up to date with important records is often a must. For instance, you may need to know everything about the latest journal, or you may want to know everything your mentor is posting. 

With the ‘follow’ feature, users can follow people and records and see their updates in the chatter feed.  

You can also create your own custom stream by combining things like people, Chatter groups and records. 

Once you have created a stream, you can view it at any time by clicking on the stream name from the Chatter home page. The follow and stream features truly ensure you never miss a beat.

Chat with customers 

Sometimes it is beneficial to collaborate directly with a customer in a collaborative space. 

With Chatter, you can create private groups and invite your customers to join you. Customers can then see the groups they are invited to and interact with any other members of the group. In most cases, Salesforce provides 500 Chatter external licenses for free.

This means you, your team, and your customers, can all collaborate in one place without any messy notes, disparate email chains and random IMs scattered across a variety of platforms.

What next?

We think Chatter can be an excellent tool, especially for larger businesses that need to drive productivity and boost efficiency and collaboration across departments. If used correctly, Chatter will be a valuable tool in your success tool kit!  

At Ribbonfish, we have decades worth of experience in publishing and IT, and we have a whole suite of innovative publishing specific products that will truly optimise and improve the way you work. 

We would love to show you more! If you need help getting the most from chatter, or want to explore our suite of products and other services, contact us via email or arrange a call back from us via the form here.

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