Building a website and/or blog is a darn confusing task. There’s so much out there to help you do it quickly and easily, but where to start looking? Here I’ve listed my favourite 10 WordPress plugins that will surely make your life a lot easier and your site a lot better…
10) Fast Secure Contact FormAt number 10 is a nifty little custom contact form generator which allows you to create multiple contact forms and fully customise them to suit your WordPress installation. It includes integrated Captcha and Akismet and allows you to forward your user to any page you like after the form has been emailed.
9) Exclude Pages from NavigationAt number 9 is a simple plugin which means you can effortlessly remove any pages you create from your primary navigation.  This allows you to keep your navigation clean but your website still bursting with content.
8) Insert PHP There are many plugins which allow you to use PHP within the WordPress editor.  However “Insert PHP” is by far the best and easiest to use.  It replaces the PHP declarations <?php & ?> with simple bbcode tags [insert_php] & [/insert_php]. Easy!
7) WordPress Backup to DropboxJust as number 8, there are also many plugins that allow you to back up to numerous different locations.  This cloud based backup solution means you no longer have to worry about backing up your site manually.  With a remote scheduling tool you can upload the website, media and databases all to Dropbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
6) Profile BuilderThe default user profile for a WordPress installation is WordPress’s own dashboard.  Many website designers would prefer a more integrated approach to handling user log in’s and how they see their own personal information.  This plugin is far from polished, but with a little knowledge allows you to create an integrated profile for yourself and all of your website’s users.
5) Peter’s Login RedirectThis plugin sounds extremely simple but it is also extremely effective.  When a user log’s in it allows you to choose which page they are re-directed to. Define a set of rules for specific users, users with specific roles, users with specific capabilities, and a blanket rule for all other users. A very handy simple solution!
4) Google XML SitemapsIt goes without saying the importance of an up-to-date XML site map when it comes to your rankings within Google search results.  This plugin allows you to customise the kind of file you generate, what you include within the file, the importance and priority of each stage, page and post.
3) Broken Link CheckerSometimes the simplest plugins are the most effective!  At number 3 we have a plugin which will automatically scan all links it can find within your WordPress installation to ensure they all still resolve to a valid location.  If it finds any links that do not lead anywhere or lead to a 404 Error page, it will notify you within the Admin Dashboard and even by email.
2) If MenuWhen using WordPress there is always some items on the page you want to display to some users, but not to others.  This brilliant little plugin adds a conditional statement to all of the menu items allowing a condition to be set where the Menu item is only visible to logged in users, or users of a specific group.  The user interface could almost completely change for logged in users, just using this simple plugin. Genius!
1) SEO UltimateSearching for best SEO techniques can be an absolute minefield.  Many different websites suggest many different ways of appearing at that ever so desired #1 spot for your specific search term.  This plugin cannot work miracles; however it can get you off to a very good start with the simpler SEO techniques which are proven to have an impact. It includes modules such as a 404 Monitor, URL Canonicalizer, Meta Description Editor, Nofollow Manager, Rich Snippet Creator, Title Tag Rewriter & many more.  A really top notch plugin!
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