Video & Audio Podcast – Create marketing content with a smartphone

Marc talks about some of the ways he uses his smartphone to create the content for marketing campaigns.


“I wanted to talk to you about marketing campaigns on the go and on a smartphone. How can you create great marketing campaigns, even if you’re not always at your desk and you can only use a smartphone as a tool?
So, you need two things for a great campaign.
The first thing is great content. Content, content, content. And then you eventually sell. The second thing is automation of all that campaign content. Today, I’m just going to talk to you about how I create the campaign and the tools I’m using.
So, the first tool I’m using is OneNote – a Microsoft tool. You can use Evernote if you prefer – they’re very similar. The great thing about those tools is that they can sync across many devices.
I tend to use an iPhone, as I’m using here. But I also use a PC – god forbid! With OneNote, I jot down some ideas and they’re available on every device. I use my smartphone pretty much all the time, and the way I start is to structure the campaign in my head – all the steps in the sequence.
I write the sequence of the campaign into my app. After, what I do is create every piece of content. I start at a high-level and like a funnel, I will write them down further. So, I use OneNote all the time. One of the great things now, as I’ve also seen in Evernote, is that you can talk to your iPhone and it will write your words – this is very good, and I’d highly recommend using it because it saves you so much time. Typing is heavy, so I use a lot of audio.
The second thing I’m using is an iPhone. Why use an iPhone instead of a camera? Well, it’s because I can use it everywhere. I have a selfie stick, and I have a mic. It’s a very good mic, which filters most of the noise and easily plugs into the iPhone. Even when I’m in the office, I always use the iPhone – using a tripod, a mic, it’s perfect.
So, now I have done the structure of the content, the first emails, and I have done the content itself. What next? This is where I cheat a bit, as I have a team in London that can optimise my content. I use a lot of tools to share my content – OneNote to share it across all my people, and for videos I use Slack or Skype.
These are used to transfer raw content, for the team to make some small amendments. I try to shoot in one go, so I don’t have to make many amendments and my videos can go straight to YouTube.
In terms of where we’re going to place the content and what kind of marketing tool we should use to sequence all those steps? As I said, there is content, content, content, and then a sale. How are we going to do that? Well, that’s for the next video!”
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