Potential uses for Virtual Reality

By Rosie Adds, Digital Media Coordinator at Ribbonfish
Virtual reality is one of the most talked about things in 2016. With the Oculus Rift out of the development stage and finally available for purchase, we have decided to come up with a list of potential uses the technology could fulfil.
The process of business meetings as we know it could be completely transformed with virtual reality. We all know how stressful it can be having meetings with colleagues tapping in through their phones and pixelated video calls, by being able to virtually enter the meeting gives a much more personal feel and increases productivity and collaboration. In the long run, it may even reduce business travel costs.
Virtual Reality could even improve the HR department. For example, imagine being able to interview people virtually face to face without leaving the office or even your own home!
Online shopping:
The world of retail is one thing that could be changed tremendously with virtual reality. Everyone has had the struggle of purchasing something and it not fitting right, and the annoyance of having to go through the whole returns process. Imagine a world where you could virtually try on clothes in the comfort of your own home before purchasing! This will make online shopping much more convenient and can result in a higher e-commerce for the business.
Estate Agents:
VR could easily change how we make investments into property. Nobody is content buying a house based on images alone, and not everyone has the time to go house viewing. Virtual reality could help solve the issue by allowing users to see the house up close and personal, which saves time for the customer and the business. It could also help increase the estate agent’s turnover by closing deals quicker, increasing business productivity.
There is definitely space in the publishing industry for virtual reality. For example VR could affect the deployment of books. It could also affect the way in which we read books. For example, imagine a virtual reality bookstore which is configured to genres tailored to your own personal taste. Visitors could virtually pick up a book and enter the story itself in an immersive VR format!
Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction, but now it’s becoming a reality with endless possibilities to change the way we live, and provides amazing new marketing opportunities for businesses large and small.

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