Learning Salesforce, with Salesforce

In order to get the best out of Salesforce, training is key. By identifying the right personnel and equipping them with the most up-to-date knowledge about Salesforce, you will improve the return on your investment considerably.
Salesforce University offers a range of training and certification options to improve the expertise of your personnel and improve the success rates of your business. By identifying the key users in your company and selecting the right training for them, you will fast track the growth of your company.
Here is an overview of how Salesforce University works.

Who should take the course?

Delegates should be selected based on where in your business you’d like to improve competence with Salesforce. There are many learning paths that can be taken so there are lots of options you might consider. It may be that your newer employees would benefit or maybe you want to invest in having a Salesforce expert on the team.
Private training sessions can train your entire workforce in the use of Salesforce. Salesforce training can be tailored to the individual needs of your business. There are tools and templates so you can build the right training programme for your employees, so that they cover the elements of Salesforce that apply to them specifically.

How will the training be delivered?

The training can be delivered by certified instructors in person at classroom locations all around the world. The advantage of this is that it’s hands-on and gives the delegate the opportunity to interact freely with the instructor and other delegates. If leaving the office is a problem, there is also a live web cam version of the course that gives the full class experience online.
If you need access to training on your own time, the self-paced online training course offers training modules that supplement the classroom experience. If you would prefer your team to access the training altogether, private workshops offer a unique opportunity for interaction with each other and experienced Salesforce instructors. The course can then be tailored to your specific needs as a business.

What do the courses cover?

In order to make the learning relevant to individuals within your company, there are specific training paths that your personnel can take. The user path allows delegates to learn the best practice for increasing productivity with Salesforce. They will cover cloud-specific eLearning, the use of Chatter and the Salesforce1 mobile app.
If you’re an administrator, you will learn some core knowledge but also about new products and features. Developers need a much more in depth working knowledge of Salesforce so they will learn more information about configuration vs. customisation and how to build custom apps. The solution designer path will give you all the tools you need to design elegant custom apps.
If you take the technical architect path you will learn the most intricate ways of designing apps so they are scalable and secure.

What is achieved by the end of the course?

When your personnel complete a Salesforce University course, they will receive certification. The certificate is the proof that they undertook the course and are now ready to put their hard work to good use. What this will mean to your company is that their newly acquired skills can be used to optimise the Salesforce experience and accelerate your success.
Getting certified is great for the professional development of your employees so they can make a more meaningful contribution. With so many options to choose from, Salesforce University is a great way to optimise the way in which Salesforce is used within your company.
Regardless of role, at the end of the course your staff will feel more confident, skilled and ready to put their improved knowledge to use. With key users certified, you will notice an increase in productivity and overall quality of work. If you offer Salesforce services, you’ll also benefit from using your team’s qualifications as a sales and marketing tool to attract new clients.
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