In the last post, we showed you how to enhance your productivity by customising your navigation, tweaking your display density, favoriting records, and pinning list views. We are certain that these effortless tips and tricks have gone someway in bettering your use of the system, however, unbelievably, there is more to come! 

In this post, we are going to look at collaboration on Chatter, sending emails from list views and using tasks.  

Collaborating on Chatter 

We are going to give Chatter its own dedicated topic soon, but, before we delve into the details on that topic, we think you need to be aware of the Chatter basics. 

In short, Chatter is a collaborative tool that is built into Salesforce and it lets you work together with other users, talk to each other and share information.  

You can access Chatter via the ‘Chatter’ tab or the chatter feed on a record.

Trust us, when you use Chatter and you use it right, you and your team will feel connected, robust, and acknowledged.  

To get you started with Chatter, here are two good starting points: – 

1. When composing a Chatter post, @Mention your colleagues to get their attention on a record. You can do this by starting to type ‘@’ followed by the person’s name.

2. When writing a chatter post use ‘/’ to reference another record name. Again, simply start typing ‘/’ in the Chatter post and then type the record name.  

Want more? – You can do so much more with Chatter! For example, you can categorise posts with topics, create public and private chatter collaborative groups and set up your own personalised chatter stream.

Sending Emails from List Views

You can use list views to send an individual to each recipient in the list (e.g., a list of contacts). This is a very handy way to email a group of users the same content. 

To get started, navigate to the list view of your relevant contacts (or leads), and select the checkbox next to the individual records you want to email, or select all the records and press the ‘Send List Email’ button.  

Enter the email content and press ‘Send.’ 

Want more? – You can enhance this functionality further with extras such as email templates, merge fields that automatically populate personalised data and even add attachments. 

Stay organised with Tasks 

Unfortunately, not everyone has a project manager keeping them organised! That is where Salesforce Tasks can help bridge that gap and make you more productive and organised. Tasks – allow you to create an action for yourself or others! You can even set a due date and get reminders to ensure the work gets done.  

Want more? You can use a feature called ‘Quick Text’ to create quick text templates for notes, comments, chats and more. Furthermore, you can take this organisation further with Events and Calendars that let you track meetings with customers, prospects and colleagues! 

Next Time

This will get you started on your route to optimal efficiency and productivity on Salesforce. Do not miss our next post which will focus on highlighting how you can quickly create records, edit multiple records on the fly and quickly editing report filters.

Kevin Paul is Head of Professional Services at Ribbonfish. He has over a decade worth of experience in Information Technology in a variety of roles including consulting & implementation, training, business analysis and project management.

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