YouTube & Microsoft Fight It Out

Microsoft have been given 1 week to remove an ad-free app that has appeared on the Windows Phone store.
Francisco Varela sent a strongly worded cease-and-desist letter to Todd Brix on Wednesday 15 May, outlining the issues they have with the new app. Brix is General Manager of Windows Phone Apps, and YouTube’s Varela was insisting that he authorised withdrawal of the app, which was created by Microsoft. This letter alleges that the app allows users to download material from YouTube, and that it also removes adverts from the videos that it shows. Furthermore, it also apparently displays videos that have been prohibited from playback on some specific platforms.
There is also an issue with the branding of the app, with users apparently becoming confused between the YouTube-created application, and the one created by Microsoft. But there’s no hiding that the main issue is YouTube’s inability to monetise users of Windows Phones if this app is allowed to continue
It comes in a week where Google have found themselves in hot water regarding payments of tax in the UK. Matt Brittin has found himself in front of the Commons public accounts committee, answering questions about tax-dodging. Their Dublin-based offices are said to be merely a way of reducing the amount of tax they pay in Britain.
Microsoft have also had a big couple of weeks, with the official announcement of “Blue” – the update to Windows 8.
As ever, things move quickly in technology and IT. It has certainly been a tumultuous week in the tech world!
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