Case study

Integration to Drive Customer Engagement

We worked with the Macmillan Learning team to implement WS02 Enterprise Service Bus as an integration platform so they could make faster connections, enable more stability and leverage reuse – improving the customer service experience and allowing them to become more proactive.

Enabling enterprise integration is one of the most important strategic decisions any organisation can make. Not only will it help developers and teams adapt, pre-empt and deploy behind the scenes but, for educational publishers like Macmillan Learning, it will also improve the overall customer experience.

In this case study, find out how we helped the Macmillan Learning team prioritise key business goals, identify their main drivers and select WS02 as the right integration platform for their needs.

In the below video, hear from Andrew Crenshaw, Senior Director of Customer Engagement Solutions, what problems they were hoping to solve and the improvements they’ve seen since implementing the integration.

“Outages as far as our integrated processes are concerned are really pretty much a thing of the past. We’ve now got clear monitoring, and we’re really able to much more easily diagnose the root cause of issues when they do occur. So it’s really best-practices and using the right tool for the right solution.”

– Andrew Crenshaw, Senior Director of Customer Engagement Solutions at Macmillan Learning

The Problems


System instability

Lack of monitoring

Bespoke connections each time

The Solution: WS02

Deploy for a number of solutions

Out of the box capabilities

Open source = low-cost

The Outcomes

Proactive approach to issues

Easy to maintain system

Improved customer experience

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