Case study


Transforming Macmillan Learning’s legacy CRM into a Salesforce-driven system that is an intuitive, easy-to-use, anytime, anywhere, anyplace tool to grow sales.

Macmillan Higher Education, part of Macmillan Learning, develop world class content and provide pioneering and interactive teaching tools. They partner with educators and institutions to enable the learner to achieve and improve outcomes.

The problem

Macmillan Learning had a legacy CRM solution in place which was slow and unintuitive. With over 250 dedicated sales reps this was not a recipe for a happy group. They wanted to replace the system and implement Salesforce Sales Cloud within a few months, before the start of the next selling season. This short timeframe was a major challenge because of the plethora of integrations between the legacy solution and the other business and digital systems within the organisation. These integrations had evolved over many years and were complex and esoteric.

Steve Devlin, Former CTO, Macmillan Science & Education

“Two things really make them different from other companies of a similar size and in that area. One is the integrity. They only look to take on projects they know that they can deliver, and they’re always completely honest about whether they’re the best company to do a certain project. But I would also say that equally important is the innovation and the amount of effort they put in to researching new ideas on their own time and bringing that to me as a customer.” 



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