Case study


Helping publicists across the Macmillan group to coordinate, track and manage media contacts through a redeveloped and streamlined Salesforce database.

Macmillan is comprised of a group of independent publishers offering a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction, adults and children’s books in a range of formats.

The problem

There is a publicity department within each of the publishing divisions. Each share commonalities in the way they work, but there are also differences. In addition, some data is shared across all divisions and some data is private. The publicity system did not meet requirements across the divisions and there were a number of issues and concerns that led the business to seek an improved solution.

Hillary Scarbrough, Senior Director of Business Systems, Macmillan

“I’m happy to report that we have both a system that works beautifully and a group of satisfied users, everyone is very happy with the developments, and we really appreciate all of the work Ribbonfish put in to making this such a successful project. Working with Ribbonfish really was a pleasure – thank you for all your help!”

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