Case study

Accelerating CRM for publishers

In response to the common issues faced by publishers worldwide, we developed a Salesforce CRM Accelerator designed specifically for publishers to kick-start their journey to unlocking customer insights and driving customer engagement.

The ‘Salesforce CRM Accelerator’ was developed to help publishers fast-track their approach to consolidating, capturing and enriching their customer data and start using it to derive insights into customer behaviour.

In this case study, find out how and why the Accelerator was developed, and how scholarly and academic publishers Bristol University Press (BUP), Princeton University Press (PUP) and The MIT Press used the system to unlock more value and uncover the benefits of knowing and understanding their customers better.

Jo Greig, Sales and Marketing Director at BUP, spoke to us about the opportunities the Salesforce CRM Accelerator was able to provide. 

“We were fortunate to partner with Ribbonfish, a publishing-accelerated Salesforce implementer, who helped us to quickly realize the benefits of working in these systems with their publishing acumen, kindness and excellent project-management / tech skillset.”

– Katie Hope, Director of Marketing & Sales at Princeton University Press

The Problems


Disparate sources of data

Legacy systems

Lack of customer intelligence

The Solution

Quick-start features

Unified platform for collaboration

Flexibility and customisation

The Outcomes

Deeper insight

Tap into new opportunities

Improved targeting & segmentation

How it works

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